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Although the Mathematics subject is so important and occupies a central position since ancient times is still a lot of interest students. The gap was found between aspiration and achievement. Mathematics is very abstract. This deals with ideas rather than objects, the manipulation of symbols rather than manipulation object. This is a tightly-knit structure in which ideas are interrelated. Mathematical concepts is hierarchical and interconnected, like a house of cards. Except under the concept of a controlled rate, a higher level concept can not be understood. The innovation process generally described as consisting of three important steps, beginning with conception an idea, which is then proposed and finally adopted. Although many ideas have been prepared to bring about change in teaching mathematics, It remains to be proposed and adopted.
Objectives of Teaching Mathematics
Education provided to achieve certain goals and objectives. Range of subjects of the school curriculum is a different means to achieve that goal. So with each subject several inherent objectives to be achieved through teach the subject. According to Sidhu (1995) the purpose of teaching mathematics are as follows:
•    To develop mathematical skills such as speed, accuracy neatness, in short, estimates, etc. To develop logical thinking, reasoning power, analytical thinking, critical thinking.
•    To develop a decision-making power.
•    To develop problem-solving techniques.
•    To identify the adequacy or inadequacy of the data provided in connection with problem.
•    Develop a scientific attitude is to predict, locate and verify the results.
•    To develop the ability to analyze, to draw conclusions and generalizations from the collected data and evidence.
•    To develop attitudes and heuristics to find solutions and evidence with own independent efforts.
•    To develop a mathematical perspective and outlook to observe the natural world and society.
Innovations in Teaching Mathematics
Innovations in teaching of mathematics can be diversified in terms of Methods, Pedagogic Resources and Mastery Learning Strategy used in teaching-learning process.
1.    Mastery Learning Strategy
Teaching strategy is a general plan for the lesson and include specific structure to follow. BS Bloom's Mastery Learning Strategy has been developed. This is a new instructional strategies used to develop a mastery learning and curriculum objectives can be realized. It consists of different steps: division of content into the unit, the formulation of objectives associated with each unit, teaching and the instructions are organized to realize the objectives of each unit, manage the unit tests to evaluate the level of mastery and diagnose learning difficulties, repair instructions are given to eliminate the difficulties and reached the level of mastery by each student. This strategy plays an important role to learn from the basics and fundamentals such as operating in various number of systems - Natural numbers, Integers, Rational numbers, Real number
2.    Method
Method is a style of presentation of content in the classroom. The following is an innovative method that can be used to make the teaching-learning Mathematical process effectively.
-    Inducto-Deductive Method
-    Analytico-Synthetic Methods
-    Play-Way Method
-    Laboratory methods
3.    Pedagogic Resources
Is the source of pedagogical resources that teachers can integrate the Transaction methods with specific content and take advantage to advance students learn.
-    Teaching Aids
-    Activity

In order to promote learning and skills using the library and resource center should be encouraged. Receive regular feedback for teaching and learning should be an inbuilt component of the learning process. Once teachers find innovative ways to generate interest and enthusiasm in the classroom, he will be able to use idea again next year, because they will be new and exciting for a different classes. But teachers should keep in mind that over time, the the world changes, the environment around the student changes and their needs change, so we must continue to modify and find new ways of teaching that proves he's a better teacher

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